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Resident DJ

A longstanding member of the Berlin - Brighton crew and well-known figure within Brighton's Underground Music Scene. Koipinoxia or 'Colinos' as he is known in the Berlin family, burst onto the stage 4 years ago in his quest for deep underground sounds. It wasn't long until he was firmly nestled into the Brighton scene with gigs at Block, The Tempest, The Volks, the Arch, Marwoods and the Fortune of War, as well as an outing at The Generator, Barcelona and the Bimble Festival, gaining quick recognition by his musical piers and partygoers.

Koipinoxia started his own radio show towards the tail end of 2018 on Trickstar Radio, before moving to Decadance Radio 2 years later, delivering a multitude of deep, progressive and melodic flavours. You can catch his show every Saturday night/Sunday morning 00:00-02:00.

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