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Resident DJ

Cutting through an endless sea of black t-shirts and stubble, Lola shines with a brilliance and infectious energy that strobes unrelentingly. An honest, charismatic and bullshit-free approach to all things including her beloved music, sets her apart and has won her a loyal and like-minded following that continues to flourish and grow.


With success that’s over a decade in the making, it was a single seized opportunity to play for legendary DJ Dulcie Danger that set this dazzling force of nature on a trajectory that continues skywards to this day. Roots firmly still in Brighton, her sound now honed with a distinctively techno tip, Lola consistently pulls in crowds from every corner of the City’s bubbling underground music scene and can be regularly caught in clubs and festivals throughout the UK and Europe.


Effortlessly and deftly crisscrossing between her roles of DJ, presenter and producer she is an antidote to all that is generic and mundane and with that brings boundless creativity and a sparkling vibrancy to all that she touches. Earning her stripes playing alongside global heavyweights including: Honey Dijon, Booka Shade, Max Chapman, Sasha, Route 94, Kellerkind, Pan Pot, Transcode, Blancah, Jonas Saalbach, Juliet Fox, Rebekah, Dave Seaman and Teenage Mutants – Lola is an unstoppable and undeniable force who continues to advance and evolve.


Lights off, heads down, Lola has entered the building. Promoter / Resident: Sunday Service Co-Promoter / Resident: SiZE – collaboration with POok (@wearesize) Resident: Berlin-Brighton Previous bookings include: Noisily Festival, LGBT Pride; (Amsterdam, London, Brighton, Benidorm), Electric Brixton, Area, The Arch, Cafe de Paris. Tobacco Dock. Internationally: Azores, Hamburg, Poland, Portugal.

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