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Berlin Mixtapes - We Unveil Globetrotter AGENT!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Berlin Mixtapes - AGENT! - 035

Next up in our Berlin Mixtapes series we welcome Berlin based and jet setter AGENT! AKA Andreas Schreck. An artist that has his roots in the Golden Age of Hip Hop, becoming obsessed with ‘Black Gold’ (Records) at the end of the 90’s. It wasn't long before he burst onto the scene with a long-standing residency at Club Airport in Würzburg to highly requested and respected performances in clubs such as D-Edge in Sao Paulo, Fabric in London, WOMB in Tokyo, Tresor in Berlin or Key Events such as Burning Man, WMC in Miami, CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival) or Corona Sunsets Parties. AGENT! is a high power Tech House act and an awesome performer. His sets have energy, precision and most of all, vibe. He mixes up styles and moods, but always remains firmly focused on the dance floor’s needs. Inspired by his Hip Hop roots, old Funk and 90's techno music, coupled with a great understanding for danceable vibes, he began producing his own music in 2008 leading to impressive releases on well-known labels including, Get Physical, Cocoon, Desolat, Moon Harbour, Lapsus Music and many more. We caught up with Andreas during his busy schedule to chat all things music, Berlin and what's next in stall.

Hi Andreas, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Hello Guys, I am fine and hustling to answering all your questions ;) A few weekends ago I played at Berlin Beats & Boats. 12 boats are turned into floating dance floors, so it is for sure the biggest boat party in Berlin. I played on the KITTBALL X VIVID ARTISTS boat and it was big fun. Right now I just came back from some studio time and now I am preparing for my set at Kater Blau.

You've been in Berlin some time now, what made you make the move to Berlin and how long have you made it your home?

I moved here 6 years ago as a result of my rising DJ career, it's the Mecca of electronic music as well as art and culture and so I felt this is just the right place for me. Around Berlin there are 2 airports, which makes traveling much easier. Also I love the variety of people, the amazing international food and daily dose of crazy things. I enjoy living here a lot :)


Where was your first gig in Berlin?

I still remember that one! It was at Sisyphos and I was deeply impressed by the venue, the concept and the decoration. That proved to me how strong the dance scene is here. It was also very new to me that it's possible to party 3 days and nights non-stop in the same venue without leaving it. By the way the pizza at Sisyphos is fricking delicious ;)

Whats the inspiration behind the name 'AGENT!' ?

I used to be a Hip Hop DJ with all that cutting and scratching before I started falling in love with techno & house. My Hip Hop DJ name was DJ Agent Orange. So after a while everybody called me just Agent! and when I took over to play techno only, I used that name as my new AKA.

AGENT! At Burning Man

I was reading recently that you found your love for music during the 'Golden Age' of Hip Hop i.e. the mid to late 90s, what labels and artists did you love during this time the most?

I am totally in love with DJ Premier, Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, Masta Ace, Jeru da Damaja and those artists. I was invited by my lovely girlfriend to „Gods of Rap“ - which included the Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy & De la Soul hosted by DJ Premier recently and felt like a teenager again, that was so dope! It was the best Birthday present ever :)

Do any of these artists still influence your music and sets now?

Somehow yes, I love to sample old records from the funk, soul and rhythm & blues era for my productions. I love that warm and organic touch in the tracks and I always need some groovy elements to not get bored.

AGENT! In The Mix

What can people expect from a typical AGENT! set? What flavours and grooves do you inject into a dance floor?

It's a high energy trip with all varieties of house and techno, mixed with my influence from the Hip Hop culture. I always play some unreleased tracks of mine to test them directly in a club environment and to receive feedback straight from the dancefloor. Also my set is mixed up with FX, some promos and a few of my all-time classics.

You have had impressive releases on big German labels such as Get Physical, Cocoon, Kittball, Desolat, Moon Harbour, Snoe as well as well-known international labels including Toolroom, Lapsus, Deeperfect and many more. What is next on the horizon releases wise?

I just remixed Dole & Kom for the famous Bar 25 Music Label and also I am about to prepare an EP for them, which will be released by the end of the year. In addition there will be releases on Sender Recordings and Deeplomatic Records. Recently I spent a lot of time in my studio – so stay tuned :)

AGENT! in China

You have also had the pleasure of playing at Burning Man Festival, how was that experience and how did that come about?

My friends from Camp Dirty Beetles invited me after I played a very succesful show for them in LA during my USA Tour in 2017. I played two shows at the Burning Man on the „Boogalo Artcar“, once during the magic sunrise. The Burning Man Spirit is unique and the art installations are mind-blowing. To be honest, sometimes it is really harsh as the environment is a desert but for sure that experience is worth it. I will never forget the dust everywhere ;) In dust we trust.


You have toured all over the world, pretty much to all corners of the globe, where else have you played and is there anywhere that stood out for you i.e. has given you super special memories?

Some highlights of my tours are the Miami Music Week where I played at a pool party, the D.Edge in Sao Paolo, Womb in Tokyo or Output in New York. I love nature and being in paradise, so special memories are my show in the Caribbean, for example an unforgettable boat party in Aruba or performing in front of 1500 people in a ancient Indian cave under the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Thailand is also very special as it has got a little mystique about it. I played there at the Jungle Experience, deep in the jungle.

AGENT! In Brooklyn

You have been in Berlin for a good few years now, where's your favourite place to just to kick back and chill?

Berlin is surrounded by a lot of green and many lakes. So a perfect summer day for me is just being in nature all day long. One of my favourite lakes is the Schlachtensee. You don't need to pay entry and the water is really clear. I love the sun but of course Berlin isn't famous for sunny weather. So in winter I love to be at one of the many nice cafés in Kreuzberg or to have a very delicious Turkish breakfast at La Femme.

And equally, where's your favourite place to let loose?

Sisyphos is da s*** !

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

I am a big fan of the music of Miane, Green Velvet and Gene Farris.

Matthias Schuell

What else can we expect from you soon? Your diary always seems to be mega full especially across Berlin, what's next on the horizon DJ gigs wise? Where can people see you next?

My calendar for the next weeks is very full. Beginning of August I will play 4 shows in Chile, after I will play at the amazing Artlake Festival and at Watergate in Berlin. Please find here an overview regarding my next shows: Catch me if you can!

Great stuff and thank you for speaking with us today, we're looking forward to more great things from you. Is there anything else you'd like to add for our readers?

There’s no problem that I can't fix 'cause it's #agentinthemix


Quick fire questions:

Genre: Tech House

Favourite Colour: Blue

Where in Berlin are you: Kreuzberg

What do you put on your chips: Chilli Mayo

Apple or Android: Apple

Pioneer or Denon: Pioneer

Ableton or Logic: Ableton

Can you juggle: Oh yes!

Weirdest/Coolest Item of clothing: Burning Man Outfit

Favourite place to hang out in Berlin: At the channel in Kreuzberg

Best club: Watergate

Favourite Bar/Pub: Klunkerkranich

Best Beer: Gössi

Favourite place to eat: The authentic Thai at Sonnenallee

View on Sauerkraut: Try it with spätzle

Favourite Wurst: Chorizo

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Favourite Footy Team: Schalke 04

Favourite Track right now: KC lights - SOL

Favourite word: Psyched

3 words to describe your mix: Pumping high energy


Berlin Mixtapes - Matthias Schuell - 034


01. Nic Fanciulli, Mark Fanciulli - Star (Original Mix)

02. Gene Farris - Callback (Original Mix)

03. Boris Ross, Baggi - What You Do (Original Mix)

04. Miane - Game Room (Original Mix)

05. Joeski - Hey Fellas (Original Mix)

06. Green Velvet, Mihalis Safras, Val - Discogirl (Original Mix)

07. Matt Sassari - Your Body (Extended Mix)

08. Shiba San - Rock Da House (Original Mix)

09. Butane, Riko Forinson - Clap Your Hands (Original Mix)

10. Dole & Kom - Together Onetime (Agent! Remix)

11. Jaksan - LaLaLa (Original Mix)

12. Yolanda Be Cool - Space Jam (Original Mix)

13. Taty Munoz - House So House

14. Samim - Heater (Tube & Berger Remix)

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