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Brighton Mixtapes - BEKIMACHINE - Episode 026


Brighton Mixtapes: Lidia De Luca 025

We're so excited to continue our Brighton Mixtapes Series. Since the success of our beloved Berlin Mixtapes Series, which has featured awesome guests so far, we are on a mission to showcase more of the exciting talent that is right on our doorstep.

Next up we welcome a super talented up and coming lady who has been working hard and producing some fantastic music.

BEKIMACHINE AKA Beckie Thornton is a London-born, Midlands based emerging producer & DJ. She DJs progressive/melodic house & techno, peak-time/driving techno & hard techno. Although she's recently moved to the Midlands, she was originally based in between Brighton & London, and made her Brighton debut at Berlin Brighton at the NYE party last year, opening the night for us in spectacular fashion.

She's known for producing electronic music ranging from synth pop to techno, creating an ethereal, otherworldly sound. She has a habit of crafting music with a sense of atonality, filled with catchy melodies and bass hooks whilst evoking nostalgia.

Last year she took DJing from Twitch to the stage, playing a string of shows to date including TwitchCon Amsterdam, Berlin-Brighton & the EGG - falling in love with the atmosphere & energy of the live room, whilst sending the audience on an emotional journey through music. This year, she opened up for Elevation at EGG London as their DJ competition winner, as well as DJing for Shaydefest, Deep Underground Notts and the Junc Collective.

2023 has marked a new chapter in her music, exploring techno and trance in her sound. Her latest single, The Void (Chaotic Evil Remix) has seen radio play on BBC Radio 1 Introducing Dance. Prior to this, she released her debut album Another Atmosphere in 2022, a video-game inspired synth pop saga, gaining positive support from SIDE-LINE Magazine and securing radio play from BBC Introducing.

We caught up with BEKIMACHINE to find out more!

Hi Beckie, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Hello! I am doing great thank you. Shooting some new visuals for my new release!

How long have you been DJing?

I started learning how to DJ in my bedroom in 2020 during the pandemic! So about 3.5 years now!


What inspired you to start DJing?

I wanted to try something new. I've been a musician for years, so I have done lots of live performances but I wanted to give DJing a go. I thought it would be a cool thing to bring to my twitch channel once a week.

What sort of music can people expect when they come to see you play?

I DJ melodic house & techno, peak-time techno or hard techno depending on the night!

Weird Fish

Where was your first gig and how did it go?

My first DJ gig was in April 2022! My friends were putting on a multi-genre music night to launch their music label Steanside, and invited me to play!

It was the perfect environment for a first gig, surrounded by friends, so everyone was incredibly supportive! I was super nervous but it went really well!


You have your own Twitch channel - Tell us more about that and how did you get started?

I started on Twitch about 6 years ago. I initially wanted it to be a way to get my music out there and build a community. It started out with just playing games, but has evolved into DJ streams twice a week where my community and I celebrate music. Melodic Mondays are for progressive/melodic house & techno, then Techno Thursdays are for peak time/driving & hard techno! I still keep Sunday reserved for games though!

It's a lot of work, but so much fun and I have a lovely community & discord server where we talk daily, share food pics & just have a laugh :)

BEKIMACHINE and her Twitch Channel

You recently won a competition at the Egg in London. Tell us more.

Yes! Elevation put on a DJ competition to open up their night at Egg London in May. The mix was crafted as an opening warm up set, and it made it to the final and I won!

I was gobsmacked! Opening up Egg was super scary but I had friends there supporting me and all the other DJs were super supportive, it was an incredible night from start to finish.


You have also been working on some of your own music with a debut album out last year. Tell us more and where can people buy it?

So I'm a bit of a multi-genre producer. My debut album, Another Atmosphere came out last November. It's a synth-pop saga with catchy vocal & synth melodies.

I started writing this album before I got into DJing and techno music, so it was really inspired by artists like Grimes, HANA & Purity Ring. You can buy it on my Bandcamp store - there are still tapes & CDs left!

This year I have been exploring my sound within the techno & trance genre. On Friday 1st I'll be releasing Another Atmosphere Remixed, which features a bunch of remixes by some amazing producers & friends, and a few by me! It's been a really fun project and I'm excited to work on new music next year - a new chapter. I actually had my latest release, The Void (Chaotic Evil Remix) debut on BBC Radio 1 Dance Introducing which blew my mind!

You recently moved away from the Brighton area, what took you off the Midlands?

I started a new job in January and I had to relocate for it. It was a dream job and I don't do music full time, so it was a no-brainer! First time living in the Midlands and it's pretty good! Right in the middle of everything, so I'm happy to travel to play gigs all over the country.

The Glow Company

You have played for us and partied at Berlin-Brighton. What is it about the night that is special to you?

Everyone is so friendly & welcoming. When I opened Berlin-Brighton NYE B2B with Chemz, I instantly felt the energy and love for the music from everyone coming onto the dancefloor.

There was such an amazing atmosphere in the room from start to finish and it was at that moment I fell in love with DJing!

Lidia de Luca
BEKIMACHINE playing for Berlin at the Water Bear B2B with Chemz, Brighton

Where's your favourite place to just kick back and chill in Brighton?

Tempest Inn on the seafront was pretty cool!

And equally, where's your favourite place to let loose?

I've had a fair few fun nights at Revenge & CHALK when I was living down South!

BEKIMACHINE playing for Berlin at the Tempest, Brighton
BEKIMACHINE playing for Berlin at the Tempest, Brighton

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

Currently listening to a lot of HANA, Lilly Palmer, Trym and Amelie Lens!

What are your go-to labels?

Anjunadeep <3

You have compiled our latest Brighton Mixtapes Series Episode 026 - Tell us more about your mix.

I wanted to make a melodic house & techno mix showcasing some of my favourite tracks right now. Something that starts fairly chilled then builds as it progresses. I really pay attention to the flow of tracks when curating mixes.

I'd like it to tell some kind of story and play into different emotions throughout, taking the listener on a journey.


What else can we expect from you soon? What's next on the horizon for DJ gigs, where can people see you next?

I've started working on a new EP which I hope to release next year, delving more into the techno & trance sound. And to also DJ as many shows as possible!


Travel Luggage

Exciting stuff! It's been an absolute pleasure as always talking with you Beckie. Next up here's the Quickfire Round:

Genre: Too many!

Favourite Colour: Turquoise

What do you put on your chips: Ketchup & Mayo

Apple or Android: Android but recently got an iPhone eek

Can you juggle: Absolutely not

Weirdest/Coolest item of clothing: Frog Bucket Hat 🐸

What's the most useless talent you have: I can shake my eyes

First record ever bought: Marmozets - Good Days

Do you collect anything: Nope

Favourite place to hang out in Brighton: Anywhere my friends are

Coffee or Tea: Coffee but has to be instant

Favourite beer: Camden Hells

Weirdest food you have eaten: Takoyaki - Never again!

Favourite Track right now: Zorza - Exhale

View on Seagulls: Don't get pooped on or it's game over

Favourite seafood: I hate seafood (but like fish!)

Favourite word/expression: Don't have one!

3 words to describe your mix: Journey, Energy, Emotional



Qess - Firethorn (Original Mix) - Anjunadeep

BEKIMACHINE - Reverie (Butterfly Remix)

Innerstice - Introspection (Original Mix) - Progressive Vibes Light

Stephan Bodzin - Boavista (Innellea's Arp Attachement) - Herzblut Recordings

Fever Ray - Shiver (Ivory IT Remix) - Rabid Records / Co-op

Phonez & BEKIMACHINE - Nothing For You (Original Mix) - Kaeri Music

Tagavaka - Bijou (Extended Mix) - Songspire Records

Avoure - Pink (Extended Mix) - This Never Happened

Alex Del Amo - Geminis (Original Mix) - Morphine

Visual Impact - Known (Original Mix) - Yellow Kitchen

Argy - Ketuvim (Original Mix) - Renaissance Records

Mia Mendi & OIBAF&WALLEN - Edda (Original Mix) - Blazer Records

Sevenn & Silver Panda - Welcome The Night (Extended Mix) - Experts Only

Delta Vaults - Collapse (Extended Mix) - Enormous Tunes

Kevin de Vries & Mau P - Metro (Extended Mix) - Afterlife Records

Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) - Drumcode

Marsh - Reminiscent (HANA Remix) - Anjunadeep


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