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Bruno It Makes Sense - We Talk With One Of Brighton's Biggest House Legends

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Brighton Mixtapes: Brunonumerouno 010

We're so excited to bring back our Brighton Mixtapes Series. Since the success of our beloved Berlin Mixtapes Series, which has featured awesome guests so far, we felt there was a real gap in terms of showcasing the amazing talent within our own home city right here in Brighton. We have a wide spectrum of artists that span across many genres therefore we decided we would create the 'Brighton Mixtapes' Series, so that we can not only showcase established artists but also feature up and coming musicians that would like a platform to be heard.

Equally, whilst our focus at Berlin has always been somewhere between Deep House and Techno we can now open up and extend a wider reach into other genres that Brighton has to offer. Also each artist will be subject to a series of one answer quick-fire questions to accompany each guest mix to give readers a quirky insight into the artists' likes and dislikes.

Next up we bring you Brighton legend Brunonumerouno who cut his DJ’ing teeth on the South African clubbing scene. He first started spinning the wheels of steel way back in 1994 starting at private parties, as he was too young to land gigs in night clubs. He quickly developed a reputation for an impeccable taste in music as well flawless technical ability, able to respond to any crowds’ needs on any dance floor.

Once he was old enough to start playing in clubs, raves and private after parties, he quickly started to establish residencies all around Johannesburg. In addition to the club residencies, he established his own regular Friday Night Deep House venue, the first in Johannesburg. In 1999 Brunonumerouno took the decision to move to the UK to broaden his horizons and pit himself against the finest DJ’ing talent around. He started playing at all sorts of nights in Brighton, establishing several residencies at reputable venues. He also secured a position at Covert Records, the south coast’s premier Techno, Deep House and Electro record shop. While there, he took it upon himself to learn from the best around, and be influenced by some of the finest talent in and around Brighton. Soon, he developed the same reputation as he had in South Africa for his fine taste in music. His sets are lively and energetic as well as proving to be the life of all parties he has played at. He also hosts a very popular weekly breakfast show on, The Friday Wake & Bake every Friday morning. We linked up with Bruno to find out more.

Hi Bruno, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Hi guys, I've been really busy sorting music for a very busy month ahead. I've also been spending as much time as possible digging out all my old records to play on my freshly refurbished SL1200's, a very happy boy.

How long have you been DJing?

Since about 1994, I started at a school party, bought some more tunes, equipment and it started to snowball from there. I managed to beg/borrow and steal my first setup, decks mixer and 3 records in 1995, so I suppose it started in earnest then. I was also tall, so could blag my way into clubs to play from a young age.


You have been running the Friday Wake & Bake Show on Codesouth.FM for many years now. How did that start and how long has the show been running?

Yes, it's been going since the station's inception. It all started as something called Upfront Dance. I was asked to cover another DJ's Friday morning show one week, the owner was listening and enjoyed the show, so he offered me a Wednesday morning slot, which ran for a while. The station ceased to exist but the owner decided to do another thing, Codesouth was born and I immediately took up the Friday morning slot when offered and have been there ever since, which is around 11 years now.

What are your favourite things about the show and what sort of music can people expect?

So many things really, I'll try to name a few. The fact that I have the freedom to play what I like, i.e. the bits I can't get away with playing on a dance floor. I love the rapport I have with my long-time listeners, I love being able to introduce more people to the beautiful thing known as Deep House. I honestly get a buzz with every show, without fail and I love that too. I treat it like I'm playing a gig to potentially hundreds of people, and I really love that. I love that people from all over the world and different timezones lock onto and enjoy the same thing, it's beautiful. People can expect all manner of Deep House flavours, cheesy, soulful, deep, phat and chunky, old school, all manner of Deep House (with a cherry on pop).


You grew up in South Africa and experienced its underground music scene in the 90s. What was it like and what fond memories do you have?

Wow, good times guys, good times. The scene in Johannesburg in the 90's was magical, electrifying, inspirational, mind blowing and any other awesome adjectives you could chuck in here for good measure. We had some amazing venues, great DJ talent and there was a time when it seemed as though there was at least one massive rave every weekend of the year. Some of the most amazing parties, Frankie Knuckles playing inside the main hall of the main train station in Johannesburg, which was closed for the evening just for the event. Raves inside old disused prisons, massive conference centres, abandoned warehouses in the centre of the city, parties out in the wild where dance floors were just black sheeting laid down over flattened grass, which was at least 12 feet tall with a massive sound system and a DJ set and DJ perched on a rock outcrop in the corner barely visible amongst the grass. Just an amazing time to be part of a fresh scene with people who just wanted to get down and boogie, good times.

Where was your first gig?

First gig in Brighton was upstairs at The Casablanca on middle Street in 1999, inside the front half of an old beetle as the DJ box. I was playing Kwaito, a form of downtempo deep chunky South African House music.

You have played for us a couple of times including one Christmas party at the Green Door Store supporting the incredible Cinthie as well as our Berlin Beach Kollektiv at the Tempest. What did you enjoy the most?

Good question, it's like having to choose between Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough and Chocolate fudge, just have them both! I loved the vibe at the Green Door Store, it was a great lineup that night with Suze Rosser and Cinthie, such an amazing party atmosphere that night, great chunky beats too. I love the intimacy of the Beach Kollektiv parties. As the DJ you're virtually on the dancefloor with everyone, its great. Being on the beach is also banging, always a great vibe and party. It's the people that make any Berlin night though, so much love for the music and the party, love it.

Brunonumerouno at the Berlin Beach Kollektiv

What can people expect from a typical Bruno set? Deep, chunky, phat, large beats. Warm chords to hug your soul and rhythms to get all of you moving.

Where's your favourite place to just to kick back and chill in Brighton?

I used to love Marwoods on Ship Street, but it's closed down now. I love my local, The Gladstone, even though they don't do house in there, still a cool place though. I also very much like to chill and hang with some cool folks down at Block in Kemptown, a very cool place.

And equally, where's your favourite place to let loose?

The Waterbear has always been one of my favourite venues in Brighton. It's the perfect size and it has a great party vibe in there. The best nights I've ever had have been down at that little place, whilst it's been many things over the years (The Funky Buddha, The Tube, Mono). I also love the Concorde 2, many blurry mornings after...

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

We have so many amazingly talented and passionate DJ's in our little town, my group of mates really inspire me, they're all really hard working and dedicated to their art form and absolutely love DJ'ing and the scene they're part of. POoK, Lola, Markus Saarländer, Nina Carina, Darien J, Chemz, Lidia de Luca, Shillin, Nick T, Bang Tidy, wow the list just goes on and on.

I've also been buying up loads of old mixes on CD by Groove Armada, Tom Middleton and loads of old school DJ's still ripping the biz. Producers I can't get enough of at the moment are Local Options, T. Markakis, Sebb Junior, B&S Concept, Dave Mayer and Yan Gordo, it just seems as though that everything these guys are releasing is amazing and boogie inducing, amazing! So much good Deep House music around at the moment.

Brunonumerouno - Codesouth FM

What are your go-to labels?

Large, Toolroom, No Fuss, Freerange, Salted, I!, Yoruba. Just so many great labels releasing such awesome stuff right now. It's a great time to be a Deep House DJ.

You have compiled our latest Brighton Mixtapes Series Episode 010 - Tell us more about your mix. Well, I opted to do a 2 hour mix. I love to play long sets, so as to be able to really build a mood and set a scene. I wanted to really play around with the deeper side of what I play at the beginning of the mix, ease into the groove but still let it grip you from the start. I wanted a warmth to be present throughout the mix alongside a good groove, ending in what I would play at a Berlin Beach Kollektiv party. In fact I used a couple of the tunes I played at this year's Beach Kollektiv gig. I hope y'all like.

What else can we expect from you soon? What's next on the horizon for DJ gigs, where can people see you next?

Loads happening right now, other than my weekly Friday morning show on Codesouth FM, I've got a residency with G3T LOO5E down at Block in Kemptown and I've been asked to be on board as a regular with Trusted Rhythm Records' little shindig every couple of months at the Quadrant in town. I'm also going to be launching my own monthly Saturday Deep House night in February called DEEP, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one.

I'm in the process of setting up my own production studio as I've just moved house, so thats going to be happening soon. Lots of fresh tunes coming at y'all from the depths of my little brain. Very exciting times, oh and hopefully some more Berlin Gigs too ;-)

Exciting stuff! It's been an absolute pleasure as always talking with you Bruno. Next up here's the Quickfire Round:

Genre: DeepHouse

Favourite Colour: Green

What do you put on your chips? Mayo and chilli sauce, don't you?

Apple or Android: Android

Pioneer or Denon: Pioneer (Can I say Technics too?)

Rekordbox or Serato: Serato

Can you juggle?: Yes

Weirdest/Coolest item of clothing: Knee Warmers/My jeans

Favourite place to hang out in Brighton: Anywhere my mates are

Best club: The Waterbear

Where does the best roast: Preston Park Tavern

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Favourite Beer: Doom Bar

Favourite Footy Team: M.U.F.C

Favourite Track right now: So Real - Ginoloops

View on Seagulls: Don't put your bin bags out fool...

Favourite seafood: All of it thanks

Favourite word: Flabbergast

3 words to describe your mix: Phat, Groovy, Yummy

To find out more and listen to Bruno's music catch him on these socials:

Brighton Mixtapes: Brunonumerouno - 010


1. Spaceship - Earth (Fred Everything Remix) - Po-lar-i-ty, Fred Everything

2. Monday Mango (Alma Negra Remix) - Danny Goliger

3. All Right (S3A Remix) - Llorca

4. Pajama Stomp - COEO

5. Dirty - Rhythm Plate

6. Sant Llorenc (Original Mix) - ColorJaxx

7. Do It Your Way - Mood II Swing

8. Take My Hand (6th Borough Project Remix) - Frederick

9. You Should Be Dancing (Chris Stussy Remix) - Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, Seven Davis Jr., Chris Stussy

10. Hold On To This Feeling (Original Mix) - Homero Espinosa, Cris Herrera, Tokita

11. Mood Swing (Original Mix) - Finest Wear

12. There Is No Light (Soul Minority Remix) - Luke Fair

13. Mynta (Original Mix) - Menshen

14. Revelation - Luces

15. Hamm Jazz - DJ Simi

16. Take It Easy (Original Mix) - Yan Gordo

17. It's So Good (Lily Pop From Opale Coast Mix) - B&S Concept

18. Le Plaisir Pour Le Plaisir (B&S Concept Remix) - Yan Gordo, B&S Concept

19. Cloud City (Original Mix) - Local Options

20. So Real (Original) - Ginoloops

21. Midnight Rain (Original Mix) - Workerz

22. She Scat (Original Mix) - Lasso D'Amore

23. Marvins Touch (Original Mix) - T.Markakis

24. Eighty - Hudson

25. Never Sent - Ant LaRock

26. Verve - Andre Crom & Luca Doobie

27. Extasy (Original Mix) - Joeski

28. Do Not Disturb - JP Chronic


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