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Koipinoxia - Brighton's Progressive Enigma

Brighton Mixtapes: Koipinoxia 013

We're so excited to bring back our Brighton Mixtapes Series. Since the success of our beloved Berlin Mixtapes Series, which has featured awesome guests so far, we felt there was a real gap in terms of showcasing the amazing talent within our own home city right here in Brighton. We have a wide spectrum of artists that span acrossany genres therefore we decided we would create the 'Brighton Mixtapes' Series, so that we can not only showcase established artists but also feature up and coming musicians that would like a platform to be heard.

Equally, whilst our focus at Berlin has always been somewhere between Deep House and Techno we can now open up and extend a wider reach into other genres that Brighton has to offer. Also each artist will be subject to a series of one answer quick-fire questions to accompany each guest mix to give readers a quirky insight into the artists' likes and dislikes.

Next up we welcome a longstanding member of the Berlin-Brighton crew and well-known figure within Brighton's Underground Music Scene. Koipinoxia AKA Colin Brooks or 'Colinos' as he is known in the Berlin family, burst onto the stage 4 years ago in his quest for deep underground sounds. It wasn't long until he was firmly nestled into the Brighton scene with gigs at Block, The Tempest, The Volks, the Arch, Marwoods and the Fortune of War, as well as an outing at The Generator, Barcelona and the Bimble Festival, gaining quick recognition by his musical piers and partygoers.

Koipinoxia started his own radio show towards the tail end of 2018 on Trickstar Radio, before moving to Decadance Radio 2 years later, delivering a multitude of deep, progressive and melodic flavours. We caught up with Koipinoxia to find out more.

Hi Colin, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

I'm well, thank you for asking... Floating around and trying to find the most obscure sets I can find. Always looking for something different.

How long have you been DJing?

4yrs. You can say 3yrs as one year was taken up by a pandemic!

Koipinoxia - At the Volks for Berlin

What inspired you to start DJing so late on?

I was asked a question by a promoter... "Are you a DJ or a Promoter? You seem to be in all the good places". We would then meet up a couple weeks later and he asked me to DJ at one of his events. It was a New Years Day Party at the Block in Kemptown. Through that, I found a new way of expressing the way I play and listen to music. The DJs I would discover and listen to in Brighton would further inspire me. After that, I really started to develop my own sound.