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Markus Saarländer LIVE on Trickstar Radio

Markus Saarländer on Trickstar Radio

I'm pleased to say that on February 5th I'll be joing the guys from Elements of Groove on Trickstar Radio as part of their weekly radio show.

Jadel and Georgeboy normally head up the 8-10 slot every Friday playing a mixture of House, Tech House and Techno.

I met these two guys via a gig I did down at the Hub for the BeAvantgarde guys and we definitely had some great ideas and an equalled passion for creating a great Underground music scene in Brighton.

I therefore got them to come and play for us at Berlin back in August and they fell in love with the venue and the vibe, after which they have been coming back to party ever since.

We had also discussed about doing something on the radio together and I'm glad to say that we have finally managed to pencil something in so come and listen in this Friday for some nice deep sounds and probably some dodgy vocals by me over the airways :D

I'll be playing a guest DJ set from 9-10. There will also be a LIVE chat screen on the website so join in some friendly banter and hope you can listen in.


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