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Airbas: Berlin Mixtapes #040

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Berlin Mixtapes - Anton Borin - 038

Next in line as part of our Monog Records collboration we welcome Airbas & The Uglytakeone debut on Monog Records with the superb Lost In Love EP. Italian artist Airbas spent his childhood immersed in music, particularly playing the piano. He has been writing and recording his own music since 2012. In 2021 he joined forces with Monog debutant The Uglytakeone for their Impasse EP on Kowalski Music. A formidable duo with a dynamic sound, we’re delighted to have them on board.

The Original Mix of Lost In Love opens the EP, taking us on a smooth, vibrant ride. Rich, complex patterns combine, sending shivers down your spine with warm melodies. Deep basses add depth creating a hybrid, organic sound that will not disappoint. Monog’s head honcho Bruno Otranto aka Otranto, steps up on remix duties. This one marks his first remix for Monog and is a sign of things to come for the Berlin based label manager. Bruno absorbs music wherever he goes and it is this knowledge he puts into his work. He took the reins at Monog a few years ago, where he nurtures new talent and entices established artists to share their sounds.

On the remix, Otranto gilds the original with a touch of flair, adding strength to the organic groove and touching on the emotions with lush chords and shimmering atmospheres. Now I See You rounds out the release in mesmerising fashion. A powerful mover with a solid bass and hypnotic charm, the perfect fodder to build any set.

In addition, Airbas has provided us with a fabulous mix of deep and floating vibes that take you on a lovely journey of relaxing and grooving soundscapes. Enjoy episode #040 of the Berlin Mixtapes Series below.

Get to know Airbas. We have compiled a number of fun quick-fire questions:

Genre: Deep/Progressive House

Favourite Colour: Green

Where in the world are you: Venus

Released on other labels: Blackboard, Diversions, Homidaas, ICONYC, Natura Viva, Kowalsky

What do you put on your chips: Ketchup

First record ever bought: Madonna – True Blue Album

Apple or Android: Apple

Pioneer or Denon: Pioneer

Ableton or Logic: Logic

Can you play an instrument: The Piano

Favourite place to hang out in: Formentera

Best club: Il Muretto / Jesolo

Best Beer: Ichnusa

Favourite place to eat: Seafood Restaurant

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Favourite Footy Team: AC Milan

Favourite animal: Dog

Favourite Track right now: Quenum - Dune (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)

Favourite labels right now: Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream, Blackboard

How would you describe your mix: A progression of rhythms and sounds from Deep House to Progressive. A journey between warm sounds and melancholy harmonies, the mix includes some of my latest productions and some tracks that are not released yet.


Out 16 July on Beatport

Otranto: Facebook

Monog Records:


Berlin Mixtapes - Airbas - 040


001 - Lost In Love (The Uglytakeone Inedit Intro) / Unreleased

002 - Airbas & The Uglytakeone - Lost In Love (Original Mix) / Monog

003 - Jakie Mayden - Parallel Lives (Original Mix) / Parallel Label

004 - Vova Gridin - Tiara (Original_Mix) / Monog

005 - Amol Reon & Airbas - Different Times (Audera Remix) / Suprematic

006 - Airbas - A Long Way Home (Original Mix) / Hoomidaas

007 - Jonah Capuano - Terra Madre (Original Mix) / Natura Viva

008 - Controlwerk & Matter - Onyx (Original Mix) / Bonzai Progressive

009 - Airbas - Haunted (Original Mix) / Emotive Sounds

010 - Into The Ether - Tokyo's Whisper (Original Mix) / The Purr

011 - Andrea Martini & LEOPLD - Burn (Airbas Remix) / Emotive Sounds

012 - Airbas & The Uglytakeone - Now I See You (Original Mix) / Monog


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