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Berlin Joins Forces with BeAvantgarde


Brighton has perhaps been a little guilty over the last few years of really establishing a solid and consistent Underground music scene in particular when it comes to Techno and Tech House.

What I have seen in the last year however has been rather exciting with not only Berlin gaining huge popularity but also other Underground nights really hitting the spot with clubbers of all ages.

BeAvantgarde was founded by two Italian music lovers Andre Dev and Manfred Spagnoli who saw the opportunity in creating soemthing different on the seafront amidst the commercial hordes on the seafront.

What they proposed was an after-party vibe starting from midnight and rolling through right until 7 or 8 in the morning. In the summer this is of course perfect and the chosen venue, The Hub, was soon attracting clubbers from all corners of Brighton from other venues which had already closed.

What I like about the guys from BeAvantgarde is the same music policy i.e. no egos just good underground music, so it made sense to join forces for a special collab down at the Hub this Friday.

In joining together with other nights and other Underground DJs we have been able to create a following and equally share artists on our nights, which makes for a cracking Underground scene.

So without further ado join me and the BeAvantgarde guys down at the Hub this Friday for a special Berlin showcase.

Beavantgarde Berlin Flyer


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