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Berlin Mixtapes 036 - Time To Get Woke with DreamAwaken

Berlin Mixtapes - AGENT! - 035

Next up in our Berlin Mixtapes series we welcome DreamAwaken aka Marcelo Storino Mortimer following his recent debut with our good friends in Berlin Monog Records. His stunning Folksaga EP released in November also featured a stunning remix from Kymatik AKA Torsten Fassbender. Known for his diverse sound, Marcelo conjures up unique tracks that cover different genres which makes him accessible to a wide range of music lovers. He has enjoyed a plethora of releases on several top labels over the years and his tracks get consistent support from top jocks around the world. We caught up with Marcelo to chat all things music and what's next in stall.

Hi Marcelo, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

I'm well, thanks! I've been spending the days with my family and occasionally escaping to the studio he he.

What's the inspiration behind the name Dreamawaken?

I'm a big day dreamer and my music has somehow a dreamy vibe.


How did your recently relationship with our good friends at Monog come about?

Bruno (head of Monog Records) contacted me to check if I had anything for Monog. If I remember right he received a promo EP of mine on Lucidflow [Berlin] and I guess he digged it.

Your latest EP on Monog - 'Folksaga' is stunning. Tell us more about it.

I got the original track idea when I recorded Emma Strååt in our recording studio over here in Sweden. She is an amazing violinist, so I made the track, sent it to her and she recorded some beautiful violins for it.

AGENT! At Burning Man

Are there any artists that influence your music and sets at the moment?

Really love listening to dub music, stuff like Mad Professor, Jah 9 etc. When it comes to the house/techno world, artists like Tim Green, Extrawelt and Black Loops really inspire me.