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Berlin Mixtapes 037 - Kymatik Interview

Berlin Mixtapes - Kymatik - 037

Next up in our Berlin Mixtapes series we welcome Kymatik aka Torsten Fassbender, following his recent debut with our good friends in Berlin, Monog Records. His stunning remix of Folksaga released in November, certainly had us hit the repeat button in the office. Torsten has been in the game for a long time bursting, onto the scene with his partner Markus Geisberger as a well-known duo called Wellenrausch in the 00s. Fast forward to 2020 and Torsten's solo projects have given him ample of hits on numerous respected labels including regular releases on classic label Platipus. We caught up with Torsten to chat all things Berlin, Kymatik, future projects & more.

Hi Torsten, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Hi Buddy, I'm fine and just recovering from a lot of remix work and a bigger sound design job. So currently, I just enjoy time in my studio and collecting ideas for my first artist album under my real name. Very excited about this one.

With 20 plus years in the music industry, what got you into electronic music?

The answer is simple, music. Maybe a little bit different kind of music than you expect though. It was the music made on computers (today that's called chip music) which blew me away. I don't want to miss those times, as they were very special but so important for my work today.

How long have you been in Berlin and what made you make the move?

I've been in Berlin now for more than 10 years and the reason was love.

I remember you very well as Wellenrausch with your partner Markus and followed you guys in the 00s. How did that project come about?

We just met at a friend's studio, he was on a visit. From the first second we understood that we can benefit from each other's work. I loved to work with him, he is a great chap and we had such a great time when he was here in Berlin.


Your Wellenrausch remix of Danilo Ercole's 'Daylight' [Vasilek 2016] is still an anthem at our Berlin parties. Can we expect any future Wellenrausch projects?

I fear I have to make people sad about this, but I'm focusing fully now on my Torsten Fassbender stuff, and my synonym Kymatik. Wellenrausch was a great time, with lots of beautiful moments and memories. But sometimes you have to move forward, to express yourself in creativity and motivation.

Your current alias is Kymatik, how did that come about and how does the