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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 023 w/ Tonia

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 023 w/ Tonia

We're proud to present our next Berlin Mixtape Episode with a true raw talent and a young lady you will no doubt see more of.

Born and raised in Berlin Tonia had an early connection to electronic music through labels like Monkeytown Records and Ostgut Ton and built her musical taste on those firm foundations.

While listening to techno and roaming Berlin's club scene it became obvious to her quite quickly to start DJing and soon after that she became part of SOA Recordings and has since played and many iconic Berlin venues right across the city.

When playing she mixes a diverse range of different styles and takes you on a journey from house to techno and back. A perfectly luscious Mixtape with so many avenues that will have you wanting for more. This episode is just that. Enjoy!

Find Tonia elsewhere too:

Tonia: Soundcloud


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