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Berlin Mixtapes: Freedom B - We talk Love, Berlin & House Music

Berlin Mixtapes - Freedom B - Episode 031

We are excited to feature an artist that has been stealthily masquerading Underground dance floors globally with some serious House grooves. Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid. Everything’s in the music, in the rhythm and overall in the freedom of the beat. In the end, its all about FreedomB.

With influences directly from jazz, funk or soul, from the first house and electronic rhythms, FreedomB is in search of the constant groove that will make you dance from sun to sun, or from noon to morning. Endless sets laser focused on the dance floor and beats to a slow fire are the elements of an artist that has no respect of silence.

FreedomB has already gathered support from artists like Hot Since 82, Supernova, Hector Couto, Solardo, Flashmob and has released on premium labels such as Knee Deep In Sound, Roush, Toolroom, Sola, ElRow Music and Flashmob Records just to name a few.

Not only that, FreedomB AKA Alberto Barrantes has kindly compiled our next Berlin Mixtapes Episode 031 for your ears which you can all listen to here.

Hi Alberto, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Good morning guys!! It´s 08:00 am and I just woke up. Pretty early to be honest as yesterday I worked in the studio, but I feel so fresh. Not bad at all. There have been a lot of new beats over the last few weeks around my studio. Pretty happy with the results so far. This upcoming weekend I’m free, so I will do nothing. Just relax, chill with my lady, and maybe go out for dinner. It’s not always all about clubbing. Sometimes, only sometimes, it´s not.

We recently interviewed Berlin based artist & producer Bruno Otranto, who is also from Madrid, what made you make the move to Berlin and how long have you made it your home?

Yes I saw it. Actually Bruno was my partner in crime back in the days when we both arrived in Berlin. We had a party called Wakeful and we did some cool events in 2012 – 2014. Good memories. 2012 I arrived in Berlin. 7 years already around this crazy city but I have been really motivated since the first day. After my studies in Madrid, I have a degree in Business and Marketing, I worked as a booker for two music agencies as well as a journalist for some electronic music websites and magazines. Besides that, every Friday and some Saturdays, I worked as a stage manager at cool events, which gave me the chance to make a lot of contacts: artists, managers, groupies, clowns etc.… I had a blast! After some years doing my best in my hometown, I decided to change my life and to look for new goals. I thought about moving to London, as some of my friends live over there and also the language, but in the end, I decided to move my groovy ass to Berlin. Best decision ever!!

Teenage Mutants at Stil vor Talent HQ

Where was your first gig in Berlin?

My first proper gig in Berlin, was at Golden Gate. I remember perfectly the day because before the gig it was an open air party. My friend and I drank too much and then, like 2 hours before the performance, I had a massive headache. I slept a little bit at my friend’s place, who used to live close to the club and then we went to rock the floor. I was a little bit nervous. The club was packed and the atmosphere was sick. Also, the DJ who played after me, arrived late so at the end I played a 5 hour DJ set. Proper day.

You have played at some impressive venues in Berlin from the infamous Katerblau to Zur Wilden Renate, Burg Schnabel, Kitkat Club, Sisyphos, Suicide Circus. Have I missed any out and which places do you love most?

I played as well at Watergate, Tresor, Ritter Butzke. Oh man, there are so many clubs in Berlin. This city never rests. I have good memories from a lot of clubs since living here but I have to say I like the vibes from Katerkiosk, it was just something indescribable. You need to be there. I had the chance to play in both, in the old one (Katerholzig), which sadly doesn’t exist anymore, and in the new one (Katerblau). My nights at Sisyphos are always pretty dope as well as at Watergate. It was a dream come true to have had the chance to play there. I hope I will repeat soon.

Since making a name for yourself on the Berlin circuit you have also released on impressive labels such as Knee Deep In Sound, Roush, Toolroom, ElRow Music, Lapsus Music, Flashmob Records and Time Has Changed - What is next on the horizon releases wise?

Actually the other day, I checked my discography since I started to produce music and I’m really happy and so grateful with all the people, who somehow supported me up until this point. For me it’s really important to be humble & grateful with everything and everyone. About my upcoming releases, I’m pretty full until summer. A lot of new EPs, collabs and of course remixes are in the pipeline. I like what I’m doing and just want to enjoy the moment. Step by step, day by day.

What can people expect from a typical Freedom B set? What flavours and grooves do you inject into a dance floor?

My music roots came from jazz, disco & funk. I need groove in my life, not only on the floor. I need to breathe the groove on the street, the groove of the people. Believe me, it´s there, you just need to look for it. So I will say, that if you are on the floor while I’m playing, you will dance a lot and have a good moment. That is what music means to me. Happiness, happiness and more happiness.

I recently read on your Facebook page that you met your partner on the dance floor. Tell us more.

Let me introduce you guys to one of the most incredible humans that I´ve ever met in my life, Jule. Not because she is my girlfriend, she is just so great. Also as a friend. Proud to be her partner in every way. Last summer I had a gig at Sisyphos and like always, after my set, I danced a bit in the Wintergarten, one of the Sisyphos areas, and she was there. By chance, I was dancing close to her and she asked me if I was the DJ who was playing before at Dampfer (the area where I used to play at Sisyphos). I said yes and she congratulated me on the performance and asked me for my DJ name. At that time, I think that my subconscious took the control of the situation and her mobile phone and I wrote her my artist name but also my real name.

Some days later, she added me on Facebook, we started to talk and after some dates, we decided to start a lovely relationship. As I said, she is amazing and I’m so much looking forward to continuing this journey for many more years, which we started three months ago.

Freedom B

You have been in Berlin for a good few years now, where's your favourite place to just to kick back and chill?

Since I was a kid, I think because my parents are the same way, I really enjoyed being at home. My house is my temple. I feel so comfy and safe here. Like nothing bad can happen. So a proper plan will be to be with Jule, drinking wine, talking about life, about us, meanwhile we listen to good vibes and little by little we are getting warm. The rest, I'll leave to your imagination.

And equally, where's your favourite place to let loose?

The dance floor. I love to rave, I love to dance and I cannot imagine any other better spot to let loose.

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

I could list some big names to answer this question, but it would be too boring and so obvious so I prefer to name some proper DJs and producers that I respect a lot and I’m also lucky to be friends with and know them in person. There you go - some cool names: Norman Weber & Marco Resmann (Luna City Express), Mathias Kaden, Daley (Hot Since 82), Supernova, Leix, Raumakustik, Andre Salmon, Hector Couto, Ale Castro, MFS Observatory, Dilby, Javi Bora, Eli Brown, Denite, Format:B, Miguel Lobo, Vibe Killers, David Jach, Emanuel Satie, Alvaro AM, Fancy INC etc… So many outstanding fellas out there!!!

Freedom B

What are your go to labels?

I love house music and to release on Defected someday would be huge but if I had to highlight a label, it would be, no doubt, Glitterbox. I cannot really explain why, you just need to feel the vibes. I just want to thank the Defected crew for creating this wonderful concept for the love of house, for the love of beats, for the love of dance. RESPECT!!!

You have compiled our latest Berlin Mixtapes Series Episode 031 - Tell us more about your mix.

It’s a mix between my musical tastes, my background and the vibes, which I like to spread out when I’m taking control of the DJ booth. Guaranteed fun from the beginning until the end. I promise.

What else can we expect from you soon? What's next on the horizon for DJ gigs wise? Where can people see you next?

I’m pretty busy till the end of May actually. Next week I will play for the second time in Paris with Marco Faraone and some guys from Golden Gate. I have some gigs already confirmed in the UK, Berlin & Germany of course and Switzerland, and in May or June I will probably make my debut in Brazil & Mexico. Work hard, play hard. That is my philosophy of life.

Great stuff and thank you for speaking with us today, we're looking forward to more great things from Freedom B. Is there anything else you'd like to add for our readers?

Thanks a lot guys for having me. It was a pleasure to chat with you and hope you will enjoy the mix. Hope to see you soon around a groovy dance floor.

Freedom B

Quickfire questions:

Genre: House Music Favourite Colour: Blue Where in Berlin are you: Prenzlauer Berg What do you put on your chips: Proper Ketchup First record ever bought: George Benson – Give Me The Night Apple or Android: Apple Pioneer or Denon: Pioneer Ableton or Logic: Ableton Can you juggle: Depends on the hangover... Weirdest/Coolest Item of clothing: My old zebra sweatshirt Favourite place to hang out in Berlin: My studio Best club: Fabrik (Madrid) Favourite Bar/Pub: Radio Label Bar Best Beer: Alhambra Reserva 1925 Favourite place to eat: Mum's place...

View on Sauerkraut: It's OK once in a while Favourite Wurst: Thüringer Bratwurst. Lecker!! Coffee or Tea: Cacao Favourite Footy Team: Real Madrid Favourite Track right now: Chic - Le Freak (Dimitri From Paris Remix) Favourite word: Freedom 3 words to describe your mix: Sexy, Groovy and Happy


Berlin Mixtapes Episode 031 - Out Now - Available Here


1. Armand van Helden feat. Old Skool Junkies - Work Me Goddamit '96 (Original Mix)

2. Mike Mac - Get The Fuck Up (Stereosoulz Remix)

3. Timmy P - Wickz (Original Mix)

4. Vernon & DaCosta - About Our Music (Sascha Dive Dark Beat Dub)

5. Shane Kelly - Altior (Original Mix)

6. Sam Girlin - Panic Acid (Original Mix)

7. Bäcksvart & dPop - Zalt (FreedomB Remix)

8. Iglesias - Where's My Snare? (Original Mix)

9. Infinity Ink feat. Yasmin - Rushing Back (Seb Zito Remix)

10. Chiqito - Take Control (Original Mix) - Too Many Rules

11. Sizeup - Derober (Original Mix)

12. Solander - Welcome To Jamaica (Original Mix)

13. Ekai - The Creator feat. Hector Moralez (Original Mix)

14. FreedomB - Strong Enough (Original Mix)

15. Thomas Schumacher - Heat It Up (Original Mix)

16. Aid Fairless - Changes (Original Mix)

17. FreedomB - Tutti Frutti (Original Mix)

18. Robert Hood - Dancer (Original Mix)

Berlin Mixtapes - Freedom B - 031


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