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Berlin Sundays Radio Show Starting This Sunday

Berlin & Radio 4A

I'm pleased to announce that as of this Sunday we will be launching another Radio Show with a different musical direction. There are many deep house, electronic labels and genres that I love to get into so doing a Berlin Sundays Show seems the perfect match to explore some luscious deeper shades. It will also be a perfect fit for a Sunday show, aiming to sooth your tired and weary heads from the weekend and give you guys an opportunity to just sit back and relax.

Radio 4A is a community radio station broadcasting in both senses of the word; they offer music of every style and form as well as a variety of speech-based programmes including indymedia, 'real' news, alternative and sustainable politics, comedy ...and departures from 'normal' radio such as guided mediations to relax and feed the spirit.

Once a month (and various times in-between) Radio 4A go live for the weekend from secret locations and home grown studios in Brighton and beyond. D.J.s, musicians, poets, storytellers, rappers, rabble rousers, ranters and ravers from the radio 4A collective doing their thang from Friday evening to Sunday night.

How can you tune in? Easy, use a streaming service such as Tunein, which you can access via their App or the website. You can also go to and follow the instructions. Join us and get involved.


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