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New Release - 24 February: Reset Robot - Duplicate out on Poker Flat

Pysh - Taruta

Following on from his 'Tired Voice' EP

Reset Robot returns to Poker Flat Recordings with a new three-tracker entitled Duplicate.

The man behind the moniker is Dave

Robertson, Portsmouth based DJ/producer who has been honing his sound for some time - a perfect blend of crafty house music and slick tech vibes.

With this EP he flaunts a lot of his signature sound - the title track grooves

along nicely around a shuffling beat

before building and dropping with maximum effect.

Hyra has a more classic techno feel, the blippy groove compliments a Detroit-eque pad, before the track locks into its main section accompanied by a wobbly synth. Service, the third track sits somewhere in between the two - a thick synth bassline and propulsive rhythm track creating a heavy dance-floor heater.

Producer, engineer and DJ extraordinaire Reset Robot is the alias of Dave Robertson, an accomplished artist based in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK. Since launching the pseudonym in 2009 he has traveled the globe, DJing at many of the world’s most influential clubs and festivals, as well as rolling out a slew of well-received productions on labels such as Drumcode, Mobilee, Hotflush and his own platform Whistleblower Records.

As a DJ Reset Robot’s unassuming approach belies his magnetic appeal and innate ability to craft sets that are polished, enthralling and full of shadowy allure. A self-confessed studio hound, he spends all day, every day at the controls, allowing creativity to flow out of him and refining his skills. Two decades of experience feed into his output, and he prefers to keep things uncomplicated in the studio. The resultant sound is his signature; brooding, sombre, yet accessible and contagious.

Reset Robot’s visceral rhythms infect your subconscious urging you to dance, while captivating motifs and riffs stay with you long after the rave has ended; earworms of the highest order. It’s a sound that has caught the attention of tastemakers across the industry, picking up releases with some of the most respected labels around.

With a live show being developed behind-the-scenes and a debut album, ‘Spiral Of Silence’, due for release in the summer, Reset Robot is entering a new phase of his musical life; confident, content and highly-motivated to keep on unleashing new productions, he is looking to the future with an renewed air of optimism and energy. Join him on this exciting new adventure.



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