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Premiere: dreamAwaken - Folksaga EP - Monog Records

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 030 w/ Kurt Kjergaard

We are super excited to announce our partnership with Berlin label Monog Records. Linking up with our good friend and label owner Bruno Otranto, we will will be premiering Monog Releases over the coming months. A very exciting partnership and we can't wait to showcase the amazing sounds from this lovey imprint. This is a label that has been making waves for some time and has certainly attracted recognition and respect on the Berlin circuit.

Our first feature kicks off with dreamAwaken aka Marcelo Storino Mortimer debuts here on Monog Records with the excellent Folksaga EP which also features a stunning remix from Kymatik. Known for his diverse sound, Marcelo conjures up unique tracks that cover different genres which makes him accessible to a wide range of music lovers. He has enjoyed a plethora of releases on several top labels over the years and his tracks get consistent support from top jocks around the world. A pleasure to have such a talented artist on board.

The Original Mix opens with a soft pad, creating intrigue as subtle pianos are filtered through. The intro intensifies slightly, drawing us deeper into the vibe before a deep groove is unleashed complete with chunky kicks and warm bass tones. A series of underlying FX and sequences fill out the sound beautifully as the bass embarks on a mission to captivate our minds, becoming the main feature of the groove. Striking violins and cascading arpeggios mesmerize making this an absolute must have, no doubt.

Kymatik aka German artist Torsten Fassbender also debuts on Monog with this quality remix. Torsten is a world-renowned figure in electronic music having remixed a host of top names and appearing on some of the biggest labels on the planet. From the mid-80’s he has been at the cutting edge of music production having composed soundtracks and in-game FX for several games companies before turning his focus to building his sown studio. It was the Techno sound of Belgium that really got his attention and in 1994 he started to release his own music which caught a lot of attention. In 2000 he created the project, Wellenrausch which went on to deliver some of the best progressive trance form that era. In 2019 he got signed with the famous Platipus where he is once again showing the world his raw talent in the form of beautifully crafted, hybrid sounds. We are delighted to have him here on remix duties. On the remix here, we’re taken on a journey deep into the abyss as Torsten wraps us up in wonderfully rich and lush layers of refined sounds. The intro boasts a subtle arp sequence along with smooth bass plucks and hypnotising tones. The drum section carries us on a steady rhythmic flow, leaving plenty of room for the musical elements to shine, and shine they do. Striking synth plucks cut through the warmer tones, contrasting perfectly and raising the intensity. The break reveals soft violins as the arp and bass combo continues before we head back to the main groove for the duration. Fantastic stuff that will not disappoint.

Kumbaue sets us on a course into deep and meaningful tribal grooves and infectious rhythms. Meditative qualities abound, as the track is layered with cascading arps and buzzing bass synths. The narrative is rich and tribalistic thanks to some wonderful Ethnic voices and worldly instruments. There is a sonic charm in the piece, with an intriguing centre that captivates, leaving a profound impact in its wake. Superb stuff that will be a welcome addition for the late-night session.



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