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Premiere: Anton Borin - Forrest Jam EP - Monog Records

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Berlin Mixtapes - Anton Borin - 038

We are proud to announce that we are to continue our partnership with Berlin label Monog Records. Linking up with our good friend and label owner Bruno Otranto, we will will be premiering Monog Releases over the coming months. A very exciting partnership and we can't wait to showcase the amazing sounds from this lovely imprint. This is a label that has been making waves for some time and has certainly attracted recognition and respect on the Berlin circuit.

In addition expect interviews and guest mixes from label artists as we welcome back our Berlin Mixtapes series too. Next in line is Anton Borin to Monog Records, kicking off the Spring season with his superb debut, Forrest Jam EP. Based in Moscow, Anton is responsible for a raft of releases across several labels. His work is championed by top jocks around the world and we’re delighted to have him here. Ronan Portela also joins Monog with a solid debut on remix duties. He boasts an equally impressive release count and support base.

Kicking off the release, Forrest Jam sets the tone with an atmospheric blend of tech and deep house which is laced with expertly crafted sounds and FX. A melodic interlude on the break takes us to the deeper finale. The original mix of Free Ride is up next, delivering eight minutes of quality deep tech. Darker basses and gritty synths are at play, joining a more cosmic inspired groove with an epic feel. Ronan’s remix of Free Ride rounds out the release, taking us on a sublime, deep and minimal journey filled with trippy filtered sequences and bubbling basslines which drive the groove. Wholly infectious and perfect for the later sessions.

Get to know Anton. We have compiled a number of fun quick-fire questions:

Genre: Good music!

Favourite Colour: White

Where in the world are you: Moscow, Russia

Released on other labels: BCSA, BC2, Clubsonica, WARPP, Droid9

What do you put on your chips: Salt, cheese and pepper

First record ever bought: The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

Apple or Android: Apple

Pioneer or Denon: Pioneer

Ableton or Logic: Ableton

Can you juggle: Nope

Weirdest/Coolest Item of clothing: Captain's cap with the inscription "experienced"

Favourite place to hang out in: Psy trance festival

Best club: Gazgolder

Favourite Bar/Pub: Ketchup

Best Beer: Boddingtons

Favourite place to eat: Chaihona #1

Coffee or Tea: Сappuccino

Favourite sweet/chocolate bar: Hehe Bounty

Favourite Footy Team: CSKA Moscow, but I'm not a fan off football at all

Favourite animal: Dog

Favourite Track right now: Anton Borin, Bondarev - Samadhi (Kasper Koman Remix) - Unreleased yet

Favourite labels right now: Lost&Found, Meanwhile, Monog, WARPP, Shanti Moscow Radio, Replug, Balkan Connection Group

Favourite words: Be yourself

3 words to describe your mix: Immersion, feelings, energy


Out 18 June on Beatport

Ronan Portela: Facebook

Monog Records:

Berlin Mixtapes - Anton Borin - Episode 038 - Soundcloud

Berlin Mixtapes - Anton Borin - 038


1. Dave DK - Viera (Original Mix) - Panem Et Circenses

2. Anton Borin - Free Ride (Original Mix) - Monog Records

3. Changing Shape, Omid 16B - The Moment (Original Mix) - SexOnWax Rec

4. Anton Borin - Forrest Jam (Original Mix) - Monog Records

5. Ricardo Piedra - Mocolina ( Ewan Rill Remix) - Another Life

6. Volen Sentir - Uppovai (Original Mix) - Shanti Moscow Radio

7. Cheese & Cheese - Savannah (Anton Borin Remix) - Hey, Location! 2.0

8. Anton Borin, Bondarev - Samadhi (Kasper Koman Remix) - WARPP

9. Oscar Vazquez - Northwest (Original Mix) - Droid9

10. Anton Borin - Solar Energy (Original Mix) - Ekabeat Rec

11. I Am Jas - How Can I (Original Mix) - Musica Cavernicola


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