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Berlin Mixtapes 063 - Frink

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Berlin Mixtapes - Frink

If you love deep underground music be sure to check out and get to know Mallorca based artist Frink.

As a balearic artist, the balearic house sound is in his blood and you can feel that in his tracks, which often feature that foot tapping and head bopping groove that is synonymous with underground house music. His very first releases quickly hit the charts on Beatport, and for more than 15 years, Frink has celebrated over 70 chart topping releases, which have been played far and wide by DJs all over the world. Fast forward to now and since 2020 Frink has been crowned as one of the top 14 most charted artists within the Deep House genre on Beatport.

Labels such as Bondage Music, Little Helpers, Cyclic or Expmental Records have trusted his work for many years and he can always be found releasing on those labels as well as many others. In addition, his tracks have been remixed by very well-known artists within the underground scene and has also worked as remixer for many of them. Frink also has many vinyl releases to his name and has played at a multitude of sold out events generating a loyal following in the process.

Not only that, Frink can boast over 19 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, all of which are real and organic and not linked to any paid promotion with his success coming from the music itself. He prefers to be a man that keeps himself in the shadows of the underground and let the music do the talking for him.

As a DJ, Frink has played in many countries across Europe including Sonar Festival, ADE and in Ibiza and it is normal to find him laying down vibes at Sisyphos in Berlin. He also has residencies in Mallorca such as at Mysa and can often be found involved in showcases for record labels Expmental Records and Berlin label Bondage Music.

We caught up with Frink to find out more about his new release, the tranquillity of Mallorca and his love for the German capital.

Hi Francisco, how are you and what have you been up to this week? Hi, I'm very well in 2024. I've been finishing some personal stuff and soon I will be back in the studio.

You have been producing for quite some time now with a huge catalogue of releases behind you. Are there any standout tracks that hold special memories for you?

Yes, I remember one of my first releases with Expmental Records where the track "Redoble" was remixed by Tim Green. He included it in his BBC1 Essential Mix and of course my first EP on vinyl with my friend James Dexter on Bondage Music. Those two labels are like family to me.


You also had a new release a couple of weeks back on Sublease Music. Tell us more about that.

Having been a big fan of Poker Flat and Steve Bug for years and then to release on his sub label is a real honour for me. It fits perfectly with my actual sound. I'm really happy about it.

Kotelett - I Don't Know - Dario D'Attis Remix

What else can you tell us about future releases, anything exciting in the pipeline?

First is going to be my next EP on Expmental that will come with some very nice remixes that I can't mention yet. Also the label are preparing the new vinyl only series, which I will be part of.

I will also have a new EP coming out on Bondage Music. I have a release with both labels every year. I’m also doing a collaboration release with Arkady Antsyrev that we will finish soon. Finally, there will be an original track that is coming out on Lubdub Records very soon, which will feature on a very nice compilation.

KURK Life - Liquid curcumin

You are based in beautiful Mallorca. Do you find living in the Balearics gives you endless inspiration?

I live in a very quiet town in the middle of the island where I live in quiet and in harmony. My studio is also there and I can work properly because of the calm that you can breathe in here. So yes, this gives me endless inspiration.


You have also released a lot on Berlin label Bondage-Music and I read you get over to Berlin quite a lot, in particular playing at Sisyphos. Do you get to play elsewhere in the city and what is it about Sisyphos that you love?

Yes, I love Sisyphos but it wasn't my first gig in the capital as I also played at Suicide Circus, White Rabbit and some others before playing there. What I love about Sisyphos is that it has that raver Berlin side to it where anything can happen which is magic.

Where was your first gig and how did it go?

I started playing at private events for many years with very good results. After that I got the opportunity to travel through my agency Soundvision to my first international gigs away from the island to clubs like Itzela and Pagoa, which was an amazing experience.

My first time at Sonar week in Barcelona was a very good experience too, playing on the beach at Mac Arena with artists like Mistress Barbara, Luna City Express, Pornbugs as well as many others, making it a special moment for me.

You were also a speaker at ADE recently. Tell us more about that.

It was my first time at ADE so my experience was cold haha. I really enjoyed Amsterdam and the place where we played was beautiful last year. We will probably be back for a showcase with labels Expmental and Bondage Music.


Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

Well, my all-time faves are Mihai Popoviciu and Gorge and I also like what Traumer and Janeret have been doing lately. I also like Javier Labarca, my friends Eddy Romero and Pornbugs, as well as James Dexter. These guys are always in my sets.

The Glow Company

What are your go-to labels?

Poker Flat is my all-time dream, after Berg Audio, 8bit & Tamango. Those are the labels I'd love to sign for. I hope that this will happen one day.

You have compiled our latest Berlin Mixtapes Series Episode 063 - Tell us more about your mix.

What I most like about the Berlin Mixtapes series is the possibility to do a 2 hour set, where I have included some of my best tracks from the past year and of course my new release with Sublease. I think it is a very harmonic mix which is representative of the underground club scene.

KURK Life - Liquid curcumin

Thanks for spending some time with us, is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

First of all thanks to the readers for taking the time to read about me and thanks to you for this interview. It has been a pleasure and please feel free to follow me on my socials to stay updated in regards to new releases and news.

Genre: Deep House

Favourite colour: Green

What do you put on your chips: Ketchup

Apple or Android: Both

Can you juggle: Yes, with my feet haha

Weirdest/Coolest item of clothing: Jacket with shoulder pads

Do you collect anything: Festival cards

Favourite place to hang out: Sisyphos

Favourite club: Frieda's Buxe in Zurich

Favourite bar/pub: Sa Creu in Mallorca

Favourite place to eat: Can Torrat in Mallorca

Weirdest thing you have eaten: I don't eat weird food lol

How do you like your eggs: Fried with tomato and chorizo

Coffee or tea: Neither

Favourite football team: Real Madrid

Favourite track right now: Frink - Axis

Favourite word: Agusto

3 words to describe your mix: Harmonic, clubby, actual

Berlin Mixtapes - Frink


  1. Mobo - Back Then (Original Mix) - Doibar House

  2. Markus Homm - Rise (Original Mix) - Sublease Music

  3. Reto Erni - Cosmic (Original Mix) - Cyclic

  4. Sascha Dive - Mañana de Verano (Original Mix) - Lubdub

  5. Mirida - 12 Doors (Frink Remix) - Take Away

  6. Daniel Meister - Mood Swing (Vern Remix) - Cyclic

  7. Javier Labarca - Cast Cafe (Dust Yard Remix) - Indeep

  8. Alex Dittrich - Looking Around (Original Mix) - Avotre

  9. Carlos A & Jan.dro - Improviso (Original Mix) - Nopreset Limited

  10. Distilled Noise - Dimmer (Original Mix) - Satya

  11. Pornbugs - Coats My Skin (NTFO Remix) - Expmental

  12. Havantepe - Calcite (Original Mix) - Berg Audio

  13. Mant - Subconcious (James Dexter Remix) - Origins

  14. Deep Aztek & Black Soda - For the Seeing Kind (Original Mix) - Glasgow Underground

  15. Oreason & Endémica - Pillow Princess (Original Mix) - Conceptual

  16. Frink - Dislate (Rhadow Remix) - Expmental

  17. Mihai Popoviciu - This (Frink Remix) - Bondage Music

  18. Antraum - Hachi (Original Mix) - Omakase

  19. Nicco ND - No Stranger (Original Mix) - Recline Music

  20. Frink - Changes (Original Mix) - Sublease Music

  21. Luter & Marcello - Thongsala Vibes (Original Mix) - Highway

  22. Pornbugs & Frink - See Through My Eyes (Original Mix) - Bondage Music

  23. Frink - Axis (Original Mix) - Sublease Music


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