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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 002 w/ Dorian Dekay

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 002 w/ Dorian Dekay

We present Episode 002 of Berlin Mixtapes. We are proud to feature the very talented Dorian Dekay.

To define is to limit.” Oscar Wilde wrote in his novel „The Picture of Dorian Gray“, in which his main character allows himself every pleasure.

This quote seems fitting for DORIAN DEKAY, since the Producer and DJ who is from and hence deeply rooted in Berlin has travelled the world since 2013.

He just moved to Barcelona after being part of Melbourne’s electronic music scene. In addition to crossing borders DORIAN DEKAY creates a feeling of no limits in his productions and DJ sets, offering a great range of diversity for Tech and Deep House music lovers. Lush, intelligent, deep, melodic and darn right lovely is the best way to describe this Episode. Enjoy!


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