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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 003 w/ Henning Schmitz

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 003 w/ Henning Schmitz

We are proud to bring you Episode 003 of Berlin Mixtapes. This week we are featuring the epic Henning Schmitz (AKA Captain wOw).

The mix itself has a beautiful haunting intro and delightful outro. The journey is one of electronic diversity, multiple layers and chunky bouncy beats and rhythms, having clearly been compiled with intelligence, precision and exquisite execution. Simply Superb!

Henning grew up in Cologne and was mostly influenced by Kompakt artists in the early years of DJing. Pretty soon it was clear that it was hard for him to define his music taste by genres and to this day he’s always good for a surprise. After owning a club in Spain, he was pretty happy to be back playing his music across regular events and his own Radio Show Lunar Transmissions.

The mix in Henning's words:"People often talk about the “sound of Berlin”, thinking of deep techno and house. My personal experience of Berlin and what makes it so special in my eyes, is the sheer endless diversity. I digged deep into crates to add a few gems that brake the deep stereotype and decided for a selection of big chunky tracks that found their way into my personal collection a while ago. Enjoy the journey and as always - listen responsibly!"


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