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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 007 w/ POoK

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 007 w/ POoK

We are proud to announce our next episode in the Berlin Mixtapes series. This episode has been compiled by the mighty POoK who has been a Berlin resident since the beginning of 2016 and has played at multiple events at the Green Door Store as well as every Berlin Beach Kollektiv Terrace Party on Brighton seafront held at theTempest.

POoK has a self admitted love for Berlin and adores the synthy and progressive shades of German Techno. POoK has also taken charge of 5 of our own Berlin Radio shows throughout 2016, something that has given him great pleasure to discover new avenues and experiment with new sounds and genres.

In his own words "I love playing the Berlin show as it really gives me the opportunity to play music I often don't get to play but really grabs me and enables me to explore heartstrings that rarely get pulled".

This particular mix features lushes deep techtonic rhythms and bass lines with cracking melodies and punchy beats that grab you by the jugular and make you take notice. Enjoy this mix as it sums up POoK in his performances for Berlin and will no doubt have you punching the air with joy.


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