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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 011 w/ Ohne Alles

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 011 w/ Ohne Alles

In the Spring of 2011, two band members with individual paths, mixed with a love for multiple musical genres crossed and resulted in the project "ohnealles".

Since 2013 the two native Berliners have been on the road in the name of the Göttingen based Label "Ton Töpferei". They combine influences from jazz, pop, rock and classical with the versatility of electronic music, which enables them to constantly reinvent themselves.

Their sound is characterised by crisp, percussive drives and compelling synthesiser elements, creating playful and dramatic harmonies.

Their first release "Rebell' on '5 Jahre Flauschig Compilation" followed with a remix for the "Golem EP" for Bongbeck, gaining them access to the exciting Berlin label KELLER in 2015.

Shortly after, the duo joined like-minded Berlin-based Artists and since then have been playing as Resident DJ's and a Live-Act all over the city with performances at Sisyphos, Mensch Meier, Kosmonaut, Griessmühle plus many more and appearances at venues and festivals all over Europe.

This is a lush Episode and also features some of their own releases - Perfect listening. Enjoy!


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