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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 015 w/ Kellerkind [LIVE]

Markus Saarländer and Elements of Groove

We present Episode 015 of our Berlin Mixtape Series with a LIVE recording of Kellerkind at our event on 28 April 2017.

Few artists need introductions but Kellerkind has been releasing some seriously amazing music for quite some time. Kellerkind grew up in Switzerland where he was bitten at an early age by Chicago house and quickly began to DJ and produce music himself.

15 years later, Kellerkind has become an irreplaceable figure in the Swiss and Berlin electronic music scenes. His clever arrangements of tracks, but even more so his constantly pulsating and grooving sets have become a trademark, “It’s all about the groove”, he claims.

By 2007 Marco was already playing at the biggest and most important clubs in Switzerland from Zurich’s Hive, Rohstofflager, Rote Fabrik, Zukunft to Berns Formbar. However, his career really kicked off with his first release “Bergluft” in 2008.

Since 2001 Kellerkind has been producing music. His name, which translates as “the child from the basement”, can be taken quite literally, as he spends hours and hours creating his warm house sounds and arranging tracks in his basement studio in Solothurn. After his debut release things happened quickly and with Florian Meindl released his first EP “Keller EP” on Florian's label Flash Recordings, of which the tracks “Natural Juice” and “TomTom” chart very high in various different techno charts.

In 2009 Kellerkind first started working with Berlin based and label owner of Stil vor Talent, Oliver Koletzki producing a remix of his track “Since you are gone”, which received great feedback within the scene. Since then he has released countless EPs on that label plus for other Berlin labels such as Katermukke & Ritter Butzke Studio as well as other well-known labels such as Suara, Sirion Records and Hive Audio.

In terms of clubs Kellerkind has played at Berlin’s famous Watergate, frequently plays at Hive Club in Zurich and many other international dance venues. While taking the energy from the club on to his records, Kellerkind enjoys the contrast from the weekend during the week, where he produces his tracks in a small wooden hut somewhere tucked away deeply in the Swiss countryside. It is here that he replenishes his batteries from long weekends spent between Zurich and Berlin.

“Most of my influences still come from weekends spent in clubs”, he states and one can hear that in both his DJ sets and his productions. There is always this pulsating groove, this unstoppable energy that makes Kellerkind's music so unique, and so danceable.This episode is an amazing collection of grooving, fist-pumping House and Tech House and had our crowd partying and right until the last beat. Enjoy!


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