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Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 020 w/ Monica

Berlin Mixtapes - Episode 018 w/ Robosonic

Two strangers enter a toilet at a Pan Pot gig, they emerge as friends, and two years later are ready to start showing the city of Brighton and the rest of the world their unique style of dance floor groovers.

We're excited to bring you an exciting duo: Luke and Owen, aka Monica, have been members of the dance floor generation since their late teens. With a musical choice that is sometimes considered to sit just outside what the majority of people in Brighton play, and a love for the Berlin sound, it wasn't long before they were offered their first taste of limelight, when the head honcho of Nightshift Records, Sami Kubu, offered them a slot on her bi-monthly podcast.

The podcast was to be released as a Halloween special in 2016. The mix was an emotional and moody eclectic mix of music both Luke and Owen love with groove from start to finish. It was well received by both listeners and Nightshift records themselves and building on their success secured a weekly radio show on Codesouth FM.

Monica lit up the dancefloor for our Berlin 3rd Birthday party in November 2017 are returning to play for us on 26 January for Berlin pres Daniel Steinberg & Kristin Velvet.

Monica join the likes of Robosonic, Lars Moston, Dave Seaman, Kellerkind, Nolan/Timo Garcia, Lady Lola, Bruno Otranto and many more in our Guest Mix Series. This luscious episode captures their true hypnotic, spell binding, intelligent and funky sound that clearly distinguishes them from many other artists out there. Pure audio pleasure. Enjoy!

You can also catch a glimpse of what Monica is all about at on a Monday night from 8pm-10pm (GMT).

Find Monica elsewhere too:

Monica: Facebook

Monica: Mixcloud


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