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Lars Moston - Catching Up With Old Friends

Updated: May 11

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Berlin Mixtapes - Lars Moston - 043

We've spent some time with an old friend who has played for us in Brighton before, which left us all with fond memories from a spectacular night.

Next up is British-German DJ and producer Lars Moston from Berlin who has released on some of the world's most influential House Music labels such as Katermukke, Kittball Records and Nervous Records. He has collaborated with Boris Dlugosch, Teenage Mutants, Juliet Sikora, and Dirty Doering among others and remixed the likes of grammy winner Purple Disco Machine, Claptone, Mike Mago, Si Begg and Moonbootica to name just a few. As a DJ Lars has raised roofs at world famous venues such as Watergate Berlin, Pacha Ibiza, Printworks London and festivals like Fusion and Tomorrowland with his trademark positive sound. Crafting a highly energetic mix full of little suprises and nods to his personal musical history, taking crowds on a journey full of twists and turns that he himself discovers in the moment, these are sources of tangible enjoyment for him. And it shows. Lars Moston is currently also delving into genre-bending Electronic Pop with New Zealand’s Leah Hinton aka Murmur Tooth. Leah and Lars are exploring how their polar opposite musical backgrounds clash and combine and are about to release a full-length album that combines Leah’s composition skills and vocal hooks with Lars’s production magic. The songs are dripping with layered harmonies and bursting with the weird and wonderful sounds of half broken instruments, salvaged childhood toys and repurposed household appliances. We caught up with Lars to find out more.

Hi Lars, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Not too bad at all, thanks! I just played a DJ set at Sisyphos in Berlin over the weekend which was really good fun, a real pleasure to play there every time, such a great club. And it’s super close to where I live as well, lucky me!

How long have you been in Berlin and what made you make the move?

Quite a long time, going on 15 years now! I came here for the music scene and the cheap rent haha, back then at least, now it’s catching up to other European Capitals I suppose. Back then I felt like Berlin was a scene that was still developing, London (which I was also considering) felt really closed off, less accessible. Berlin wasn’t that easy either as it turned out but I managed to find my place here in terms of clubs, labels and tons of like minded people, I do love Berlin.

Lars Moston

You are half British, do you still get to visit Blighty much?

Yes regularly I would say. When I was a kid there was lots of family visits of course, that was mostly around Southampton and London. These days it’s mostly for DJ gigs, my last one was at Amazonico in London in winter. I always love coming over because of the people and also because of the food. My German friends wouldn’t understand but I just love British food. You just can’t really get it over here.

KURK Life - Liquid curcumin

Where are some of your favourite spots in the UK?