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New Release - 7 April: Kotelett - I Don't Know - Out On Poker Flat

Kotelett - I Don't Know

Kotelett is one half of Kotelett & Zadak, the idiosyncratic house duo who have clocked up releases on respected imprints including Katermukke, Selador and Natura Viva. Recording solo for his latest single, Kotelett now returns to Poker Flat Recordings.

I Don't Know starts life as a moody, slick deep house cut, but transforms into a joyously uplifting floor-filling with the graudal introduction of snatches of vocal and triumphant piano chords. On remix duties, Audiojack beef everything up, adding an overall techier flavour complete with rumbling bassline and epic breakdown.

Said the artist of its creation: "This started life as just a fun jam when I couldn't get on with another remix. But the fun of the nineties piano chords finally got me to put my hands up in the studio, and convinced me to finish it. The vocal would have been a taboo for me for a long time, now it really gets into me! It's always a nice feeling when you can leave your old belief at the roadside."



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