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New Release - 24 February: Ede & Max Joni - Weine Nicht Kind on Watergate Records

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Ede & Max Joni

It is the connections to one another that show us what is important and take us ahead in life. Finding common grounds and sharing with others, blowing up magic hoods. Because you simply can't do it alone.

Ede and Max Joni’s new track 'Weine nicht Kind' conveys exactly this message. A marching melody and a brassy bassline, recalling the Neue Deutsche Welle genre, is almost pushing the listener to make a decision here. The deep vocal is channelling an 80s vibe with Berlin’s aggressiveness, sounding like a voice from above in the midst of a war you have with yourself. This original comes with a Dub Mix as well as a remix by Max Joni himself, a housy Indie Dance version infused with Afro House percussions.

Ede’s story reads like an electronic music fairy tale, one that is beautifully inspiring and indicative of the transformative power of music. His journey is driven by the freedom and inclusion inherent in dance music. A transcendent moment on the dance floor at Panorama Bar led to a total shift in his life - taking a leap of faith to leave his successful career, and hometown, moving to Berlin to make music. Amazingly, his first release was signed to the label of his dreams - Innervisions - followed by a second release with Correspondent.

A widely respected artist who has appeared on some of the industry’s most influential labels. Along the way he has developed his own personal sonic identity, which remains present in everything he does - emotive, heartrending, impeccably produced and made to fill the dance floor with positive energy. Driven by the purity of a life-changing dance floor experience, his unwavering dedication to making and playing music remains steadfast and forms the nucleus of a remarkably successful entrance into electronic music. Wherever he goes next it’s certain to be full of love, joy and optimism.

Max Joni was born in 1983 in East-Berlin. He grew up as a music loving teenager during the exciting times of the 19’90s and the fall of the Berlin Wall. His music path began with Hip Hip. In the end of the 2000s the nights are getting longer and „legs go heavy“ - Techno is in town.

The first steps in electronic music were ghost productions. From that time on famous studio partners like Lexy&K- Paul, Daniele di Martino, Dayne S, Alle Farben, SoKool, M.A.N.D.Y., Ante Perry and YOUNOTUS worked with him and remixes for artists like "Lana del Rey" or "Moby" were produced by Max Joni. The sound is getting clubbier as Max Joni released on famous underground labels like "What I Play", „Lauter Unfug“ and international

labels like „ULTRA Music“.

In 2018 he co-founded the label OBSOLET with his Studio buddies Nils Hoffmann, Modshape and Niklas Ibach and created a new party concept called „back2back“ for the famous Berlin club "Ritter Butzke“. Melodic

Techno and Afro House is now his home.



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