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Brighton Mixtapes: We're Feeling The Love with Charmain

Brighton Mixtapes: Charmain Love - 005

Since the success of our beloved Berlin Mixtapes Series, which has featured awesome guests so far, we felt there was a real gap in terms of showcasing the amazing talent within our own home city right here in Brighton. We have a wide spectrum of artists that span across many genres therefore we decided we would create the 'Brighton Mixtapes' Series, so that we can not only showcase established artists but also feature up and coming musicians that would like a platform to be heard.

Equally, whilst our focus at Berlin has always been somewhere between Deep House and Techno we can now open up and extend a wider reach into other genres that Brighton has to offer. Also each artist will be subject to a series of one answer quick-fire questions to accompany each guest mix to give readers a quirky insight into the artists' likes and dislikes.

Next up we introduce to you one of Brighton's up and coming stars in DJ and producer Charmain Love. Well known within the Brighton Music Scene as a DJ but also associated with many well-known events such as Tech Noir, Charmain is quickly making a name for herself returning to the decks more regularly after juggling family life and her love of music. Charmain also hosts her very own radio show 'Metropolis' every Friday LIVE from 6-8pm on the home of the Berlin Radio Show Trickstar Radio playing all the latest House, Tech House and Techno.

Formerly a resident DJ with the legendary Pussycat Club and Playroom at Brighton’s Zap Club, Charmain Love has had a distinguished DJ career on the south coast club scene having played at virtually all of the Brighton club venues, supported Ministry of Sound Sessions on tour in Eastbourne, several London clubs and further afield with gigs in Austria including WUK in Vienna and the grand opening of Liquid Lounge in Egypt. Her own tech house track productions have received support from a host of top DJs including Tim Cullen, Lizzie Curious, Wax Worx, Jay Kay, Tenacious, Graham Gold and Daniele Davoli. Let's get to know Charmain.

Hi Charmain, how are you and what have you been up to this week?

Well this week I had a lot of prep to do, I had two different radio shows to prepare, one pre-recorded, as well as the warm up for you guys on Friday (30.08.19) for Juliet Sikora which I was super excited about. And one of my tracks came out so lots of promo for that. So that was my two mornings this week that the kids were at nursery the rest of the week was spent mostly in various parks across the city, down the beach and one inflatable adventure play hell.

How long have you been producing and DJing?

I have been DJ’ing a long time, I won’t say how long, but things were still vinyl when I started. I much prefer carrying USB’s ;) But I always wanted to produce, it just took me a while to take it seriously. I went back to college in 2012 to study Music Production for 2 years, then immediately took a 4 year break whilst popping out a couple of kids, slowly getting things going now they are a bit older. I say older, they are 3 and 4 years old…

Charmain Love

You recently releases a great track with the guys at Kakushka Records, a lush bouncy track with a famous Eddie Murphy Sample we can't quote here ;) . Tell us more about the track.

This track I feel is me starting to find my direction. I submitted it for feedback for the Toolroom international women day’s spotlight on female producers and Mark Knight said ‘this is a heads, down let’s have it, type track’ I like that description.

What are you working on next?