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Interview: We Chat With Kristin Velvet About Berlin, Brighton & New Music

Kristin Velvet

In light of our event this Friday at the Green Door Store we took some time out and chatted to one of our guests flying in from Berlin to see us. We caught up with Kristin Velvet to chat all things Music, Brighton and Berlin.

Hi Kristin, thanks for taking some time to chat with us. We’re very excited to welcome you to Brighton this Friday, especially as it’s your first time. As with so many things Brighton is famous for, what drew you to come and see us, and what are you excited to see in your two days with us?

Thanks for having us! I’m massively excited to come to Brighton for the first time; I’ve heard it’s quite the party town! I first became aware of your night by reading your interview with Decoded magazine, a few things you mentioned really struck a chord with me, namely that your night was “back to the roots of clubbing, which was great music, a cool venue and attracting like minded people… an all round happy non pretentious vibe” that all sounded right up my Strasse!

While we’re there, I’m keen to see the beach, smell the salt water and eat some seafood! Any beach opportunity, even in the middle of winter is hella exciting when you’re living in Berlin.

I read recently that you went to live in Tokyo after leaving your native Australia, what took you there and did you get to spin some music in your time there?

I moved to Tokyo after graduating from University, I studied Japanese in high school and was obsessed with Japanese culture (still am). I had never been to Tokyo before but I guess it was the complete opposite of where I grew up which was on an isolated farm in outback Australia, so I bought a one-way ticket and off I went. I DJed while I was there, but this was way back in 2005, I was pretty into indie and classic pop party jams back then so it was more a case of cross fading than beat matching.

You have now lived in Berlin for quite a few years now, what’s your favourite venue to party in to just let go, outside of DJing?

Berghain / Panorama bar… yep still.

You are also playing at Watergate in Berlin the following week, tell us a bit more about that.

Watergate is another great club, especially mid-week down on the Waterfloor which overlooks the river Spree. Eats Everything invited me to play this one, it’s his Edible label night together with Paul Woolford, should be lots of fun!

You have now released a nice chunk of music on Arms & Legs, have you got any further releases planned for 2018?

Yes but nothing I can announce yet, so stay tuned.

What would you say is your favourite release?

It’s still coming :)

What three tracks are rocking your world right now?

Daniel Steinberg – Perfect Day (forthcoming 2.2.2018 on Arms & Legs) this is a JAM!

Truncate – WRKTRX3

Jay-J Hernandez – Yah Baby

So you have compiled a Berlin Mixtape for us which will be Episode 022 – Tell us a bit about it in terms of favourite tracks and what vibe you went for?

All three tracks above! It’s a pretty similar vibe to what I’m playing out at the moment.

Thanks for chatting with us Kristin, we’re very excited about this Friday, no doubt Brighton will be out in force to welcome you. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Thank you Markus see you Friday!

Catch Kristin and Daniel Steinberg this Friday at our Berlin Party at the Green Door Store. Kristin's Berlin Mixtape Episode will be released on 01.02.2018 and you can catch it along with our other Berlin Mixtape Episodes right here.

Find Kristin elsewhere too:

Kristin Velvet: Facebook

Kristin Velvet: Soundcloud

Kristin Velvet: Beatport

The Next release on Arms & Legs: Daniel Steinberg - Perfect Illusion EP will be available across all digital stores on 02.02.18

Daniel Steinberg - Perfect Illusion EP
Daniel Steinberg - Perfect Illusion EP

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