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New Release by Magdalena on Leena Music


Not many people know that Magdalena has been part of the Diynamic family since the very beginning, but initially chose to remain in the background. For many years she ran the label’s renowned EGO club in Hamburg, getting acquainted with every aspect that was essential to a good party. With constant contact to the scene’s most prolific artists, she soon discovered her desire to get behind the decks, using the early-morning after parties at her club prove her talent. After starting her own regular night there, word got out and her calendar began filling up with bookings at Europe’s most renowned underground clubs, as well as worldwide Diynamic Showcases and Festivals.

"Magdalena is a long time friend of the mobilee crew and we are proud to have her debuting on our sister label Leena Music with a three track EP that reflects her musical talents perfectly." Mobilee Website

Magdalena's new release on Mobilee's sister label Leena, is a cracking 3 track EP with luscious deep synths and rhythms that will be at home at plenty of beach parties, day parties or after parties. We have already earmarked a couple of the tracks to play at our Berlin Beach Kollektiv next month.

Track 1 "Morphusfalter" is a happy and deep floater that chugs along nicely with sweet melodies and a few cool tinny sounds - This one probably edges it for us. Track 2 "Monarchfalter" is a bit more progressive and could be at home in any club set whilst the final track "Schillerfalter" is a dreamy deep progressive journey and has a certain deep funk to it.

Leena is a sister label of Berlin label Mobilee, established in 2007 to allow Mobilee to work with friends and colleagues from the scene, regardless of the direction of their sonic endeavours. While Mobilee is primarily reserved as a venue for building the talents of a small, growing group of artists specific to the label's ever-evolving sound:

"Leena allows us to release records free from these constraints, without concern for alleged "styles," "sounds," or musical boundaries." Leena Website

This EP is a great addition to any collection this summer so grab yours now. Out today.

Out: 04.08.2017

Label: Leena Music, Berlin

Mobilee/Leena Soundcloud:


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