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New Release - 24 March: Senso Sounds Level 11

Updated: Mar 25

Senso Sounds Level 11

Senso Sounds has been redefining techno since 2014, becoming a home for forward thinking and sharp edged beats that have rocked dance floors from Berlin to Sao Paulo. Founded by one of the scene’s most consistent producers and DJs - Oliver Huntemann - Senso has almost a hundred releases under the belt, from many of the defining artists of the last decade. Every so often the label drops a collection showcasing some of the artists that need to be on your radar, and Senso Sounds Level 11 doesn’t fail to deliver.

Metodi Hristov drops Warp Drive - a fittingly titled track that starts as it means to go on - hurtling through space at breakneck speed. The drums and percs fire the whole thing along while the bass and pads bring a sense of movement and excitement that never lets up. Strap in for this one.

Kaufmann’s Unravel Me sits nicely in this compilation - a tightly wound track that builds its energy over the full almost 9 minutes. The almost motorik drums maintain the groove while alien sounds and metallic stabs add drama and energy. The vocal is a perfect encouragement to let go and feel the moment in all its glory.

Luis M’s Invisible Light is a hard-packed bomb - the groove is tight, built around a thick kick and precision hats and percussion. As the track progresses arpeggiated synths and dense slabs of sound wash across the track - the atmosphere is electric.

"Level 11" will be out 24th of March.

01. Metodi Hristov - Warp Drive

02. Kaufmann - Unravel Me

03. Luis M - Invisible Light

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